Occupational Therapy

How can seniors benefit from occupational therapy services? Check out our new occupational therapy page to read more about how our services can help seniors become more productive and independent.

This is the perfect time to learn more about how occupational therapy can develop, restore or maintain the skills related to daily living, including bathing, dressing and eating. Our occupational therapists utilize a holistic approach that promotes overall wellness: we consider the whole individual and investigate underlying issues, rather than focusing solely on the surface symptoms.

This approach allows are patients to make lasting improvements to their range of motion, motor skills, strength, dexterity and overall health. Please schedule a personalized tour to learn more.

Common signs your elderly loved one needs occupational therapy:

1. A weak handshake

2. Loss of interest in favorite hobbies (due to loss of strength or balance)

3. Inability to sit or walk without support

4. A deterioration in self-care

5. Difficulty recalling information (such as the last time she took her medication)

We can help! Contact us to schedule a consultation.